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    Author & Expert Commentator

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david garrity on bnn

David Garrity on BNN: Apple signals interest in self-driving car market

11/22/16 Letter to NHTSA Confirms AAPL Interest in Driverless Cars: Speculation on what AAPL will do to capture a major product end-market to rival smartphones has centered on whether AAPL will enter the automotive market. It has been known for some time that AAPL has its Project Titan underway as just such an effort. The

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Bloomberg Radio Interview: GVA’s Garrity on Potential Advertiser Push Back on Fake News

Listen to the audio replay here. Rise of “Fake News” Compromises The Informed Electorate Necessary for Liberal Democracy: Following David’s recent column considering the recent U.S. presidential election and factors influencing the outcome and noted the rise of “fake news” in the current cycle (see: http://www.investopedia.com/news/dont-blame-big-data-pollsters-failings-aapl-googl/), while social media companies eagerly state they support the free and

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David Garrity on Boston Herald Radio “Sweeney and Malone”: Big Data, Polls, and is Facebook a News Organization?

November 17 David Garrity joined Steve Sweeney and Joe Malone on Boston Herald Radio. Interview starts at 27 minutes: ((Listen here))

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David Garrity BNN

Facebook’s fake news problem is not just a U.S. issue, it’s a global one

In the days following the U.S. election, social-media companies such as Facebook are facing accusations it spread fake news and other misinformation which influenced the electoral results. David Garrity joins BNN to discuss this “global problem.”

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Investopedia Article: Don’t Blame Big Data for Pollsters’ Failings (AAPL, GOOGL)

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, the New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg wrote, “All the dazzling technology, the big data and the sophisticated modeling that American newsrooms bring to the fundamentally human endeavor of presidential politics could not save American journalism from yet again being behind the story, behind the rest of the country.” But was mis-calling the election

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Garrity on BNN

David Garrity on BNN: Why investors will likely hit the ‘like’ button on Facebook earnings $FB

FB Advertiser Growth Promises Strong 3Q16 Results Indications are that FB has continued to enjoy very strong growth in 3Q16 with results expected out after the close on Wed 11/2/16. Street estimates call for revenues of $6.92bn (+54% year/year vs. 3Q15 $4.5bn) and EPS $0.97 (+70% year/year vs. 3Q15 $0.57). FB management indicated at the

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David Garrity and Leo Hindery on ‘Conversations with Investopedia’ – Cable Veteran Casts Doubt on AT&T/Time Warner Merger (T, TWX)

To watch the video, please click here. In a video interview for Investopedia, Hindery is doubtful that regulators would permit AT&T to funnel Time Warner’s vast content through its extensive distribution network, which includes Direct TV satellite service. While such vertical integration is the biggest motivation behind the deal, Hindery points out that regulators forced

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CNBC Fast Money: David Garrity on Apple – Growth as far as services

David Garrity, GVA Research CEO, shares his reaction to Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings, fresh off the earnings conference call.

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David Garrity on CNBC: Is the world’s online marketplace up for sale?

Review of EBAY third-quarter earnings after the market close Going into today’s 3Q16 release, expectations were Revenues $2.2bn (+4.1% vs. prior year $2.1bn) and EPS $0.44 (+2.3% vs. prior year $0.43). The actual results of Revs $2.22 bn and EPS $0.45 were above expectations, but EBAY shares are off -7% after hours. The disappointments associated

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David Garrity on CNBC’s The Nightly Business Report: IBM and Netflix

The Nightly Business report replay can be found here. The GVA Research interview starts at 3 min 30 seconds. Netflix (NFLX) came out with better than consensus results after the close. Should investors consider purchasing the shares as they are 20% higher after hours? NFLX 3Q16 subscriber growth and 4Q16 forecast was a positive surprise addressing one

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