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    Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

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    Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Drawing on public company CFO & Wall Street analyst experience, GVA serves such clients as The World Bank Group, Pharus Capital & TrueChoice Solutions.

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    Author & Expert Commentator

    GVA regularly contributes to & is a trusted source for such business media as CNBC, Bloomberg & BNN.

Interviews and Articles


Tech Sector Retains Leadership Despite Today’s Weakness

The technology sector is showing some weakness today with the Nasdaq index off -1.3% and the main sector ETF (XLK, $42.92) down -1.6%. The pull-back is led by First Solar (FSLR, $51.45, -6.6%), Acxiom (ACXM, $16.09, -5.4%) and Cirrus Logic ($36.05, -5.5%). These stocks are mid-cap names with market capitalizations in the $1-5bn range, not

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CNBC Asia “The Rundown” Interview: HPQ FY15Q2 Results

 With Sequential Reduction In Negative Elements In End Markets & Corporate Reorganization, Base For Appreciation In Place – Shares Attractive To Own Financial Snapshot: HPQ ($33.32) Rev/EPS forecast – Revs $25.6bn (-6% y/y), EPS $0.86 (-2% y/y) Valuation: P/E 9.2x FY15 EPS (8.6x PEG ratio), HPQ shares are attractive based on the upcoming split of the company

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Nightly Business Report: David Garrity Interviewed on AAPL FY15Q2 Results

(Interview starts at 2 min 50 seconds) AAPL – iPhone6 Upgrade Cycle In 1Q15 Bolstered By PRC Lunar New Year, Look For Shipments To Reach 58mm With iPhone6+ Mix Driving Margins Higher:  Note that demand for the iPhone6+ catapulted AAPL to be #1 in CY4Q14 handset shipments in PRC. With the Chinese New Year holiday,

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CNBC Asia “The Rundown” Interview: AAPL FY15Q2 Results

 Rising Importance of China, Installed iPhone Base Offers Apple Watch Sell-in Opportunity – Shares Remain Attractive To Own To read CNBC’s coverage of this interview, please see full article here. AAPL – iPhone6 Upgrade Cycle In 1Q15 Bolstered By PRC Lunar New Year, Look For Shipments To Reach 58mm With iPhone6+ Mix Driving Margins Higher:  Note

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BNN Interview: IBM Gaining Traction But Still Early In Transition

Today I joined BNN to discuss IBM Earnings IBM earnings With CEO Rometty’s surprise October 2014 announcement suspending earnings guidance investors have been understandably cautious with regard to maintaining positions in IBM shares. The 1Q15 results showcased the fundamental difficulties IBM confronts as revenues fell -12% y/y to $19.6bn while EPS rose +9% y/y to $2.91.

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Startup Founders: Hold Onto Your Innocence

Recently an article was published about the Ritual of Lean.  This got me thinking about how startups, on their journey from idea to funding to hopefully scale, how the all buzzwords, rituals, and competition (or perceived competition among startups as a sector) all contribute to the loss of innocence for any startup. I was the

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CNBC “Squawk Box” Interview: Tech Bubble To Burst? Still OK To Own AMZN?

Nasdaq 5K – Approaching Full Recovery To March 2000 Peak: With broader market averages such as the S&P500 breaking out to new highs, investor questions have grown as the measure that characterized the excess of the Internet 1.0 bubble, the Nasdaq index, fast approaches its March 10, 2000 intraday peak of 5,132.52 with concerns rising as

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CNBC “Closing Bell” Interview: HPQ FY15Q1 Results Disappoint As Strong US$ Cuts EPS Guidance

Does  Coming Split Into HP Inc & HP Enterprise Justify Holding Stock? Financial Snapshot: HPQ ($38.19) A) Rev/EPS forecast – Revs $27.3bn (-3% y/y), EPS $0.91 (+1% y/y) B) Valuation: P/E 9.7x FY15 (Oct) EPS (1.9x PEG ratio), shows HPQ pricing-in gains from Windows 2003 server upgrade cycle. HPQ – FY15Q1 Revenues Reflect FX Hit

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CNBC Asia Interview: Enter The Apple Auto?

 Larger Addressable End Market – Could Leverage Proprietary AAPL Skill set Profitably AAPL Auto – Five Factors in Favor: The following five factors would support AAPL should the company wish to enter the automotive market: 1) $178bn in cash on hand – its financial strength derived from the profitability of its iPhone smartphone franchise provides AAPL

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Bloomberg Radio: Garrity on Cybersecurity Summit, FCC, Net Neutrality

Today I joined Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn on The Bloomberg Advantage. You can listen to the replay here.  Below are some of the discussion points from the segment. 1) Internet Regulation: Historical Precedents Are Abundant & Instructive: The issues involved in the upcoming FCC decision pertain to the use, ownership and regulation of shared

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