• Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Over more than 25 years of paradigm shifts and business cycle volatility, GVA creates value for clients.

  • Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Drawing on public company CFO & Wall Street analyst experience, GVA serves such clients as The World Bank Group, and sits on the Advisory Boards of ClearCoin and Venture.co. David Garrity serves as Independent Director on the Board of BTCS Inc., a publicly-held U.S. company involved with Digital Assets and Blockchain technology development and application.

  • Author & Expert Commentator

    Author & Expert Commentator

    GVA regularly contributes to & is a trusted source for such business media as CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia & BNN.

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GVA Research CEO Garrity on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

To watch the video, click here. David Garrity, chief executive officer at GVA Research LLC, discusses the volatility in Bitcoin, his outlook for cryptocurrencies, and speaks about utility tokens built on the Ethereum network.

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David Garrity on Yahoo Finance: Previewing tech earnings and watching bitcoin

To watch the video, click here. Tech earnings season preview and bitcoin discussion with David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research.

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Do Humans Have The Capacity For Safe Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Innovation and technology advancements are replete with unintended consequences. In human myth, in fashioning the intricacies of the labyrinth, Daedalus made it almost impossible for Theseus to slay the Minotaur, the monster dwelling inside. Critical we consider here the long-term consequences of our inventions with great care, if for no other reason to be sure

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The Bell Podcast: Your Blockchain 2018 Action Plan with David Garrity

Adam Johnson and Tom Essaye speak with II #1 rated analyst and digital entrepreneur David Garrity on their Podcast, The Bell. To download on iTunes, use this link.  

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David Garrity on BNN: Four potential ways to invest in blockchain technology

  To watch the video replay, click here. Blockchain Start-ups – 3 Factors To Consider: With 2017’s meteoric rise in the market value of Bitcoin signaling that cryptocurrencies have captured the public’s imagination, there has been an attendant increase in the number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) as entrepreneurs rushed to raise capital to fund

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David Garrity on BNN: Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Replicating AI

To watch replay, click here. David Garrity, chief executive officer at GVA Research, joins BNN to discuss why we should expect high levels of volatility with cryptocurrencies. That said, it should not be confused with the underlying blockchain infrastructure and the technological opportunities that can be powered by the blockchain.  He also takes a look

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FCC Putting Foxes In Charge of the Hen House: Garrity on Bloomberg Radio

Loss of Net Neutrality Is Inflationary The internet’s widening deployment and steady integration into daily life around the world has had a deflationary impact on the global economy. Consumers have become far more efficient at search and price discovery, in the process finding the lowest-cost source for any good or service listed on the internet.

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Telling AI to not replicate itself is like telling teenagers to just not have sex – David Garrity on @QZ

Think back to the conversation your parents had with you about the birds and the bees. Were you really listening, or was there some kind of hormonal override that wasn’t going to listen, no matter how well-intentioned your parents’ chat? Much like a teenager’s hormones, there isn’t necessarily an off button. Once an idea is

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David Garrity on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia: Bitcoin Extends Wild December Run

To watch the replay, click here. 1) Bitcoin Rocket Ride Continues: $BTC $16,780 +24.6% day/day on turnover of $1.48bn (open $14,090, low $13,500, high $19,697; low-high range: +44%), 2) Breaking Bitcoin?: Exchanges are proving incapable of supporting the volume for Bitcoin, not an encouraging sign ahead of the start of CBOE (12/10/17) and CME (12/18/17) contract

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How a startup is using blockchain technology to weed out advertising fraud

To read the full article, click here.

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