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    Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

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    Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

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    Author & Expert Commentator

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David Garrity Quoted in Asia Times: Who pays Donald Trump’s US$1 trillion infrastructure tab?

David Garrity, a technology and finance analyst with capital markets experience, sees other weaknesses in Trump’s infrastructure financing plans.  He says the president’s call for public-private partnerships still faces a fierce debate in Congress over the exact share of federal and private funds to be used. Garrity notes that fiscal conservatives like House Speaker Paul

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David Garrity quoted on Asia Times: Railways pose biggest challenge in Trump’s infrastructure plan

David Garrity, a Wall Street technology and financial analyst, notes the many strides the US has made in autonomous vehicles, but he warns that other factors may impede development. “Whether the US is sufficiently well-coordinated from a government-led planning standpoint to effectively integrate these technologies is another question altogether,” said Garrity, the CEO of New

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GVA Research on CNBC’s Fast Money: “Garrity on Google – Potential area of growth surrounding driverless”

David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research joined for the full hour on Fast Money (1/26/17) to give his live reaction to the Alphabet and Microsoft earnings call. Below is full analysis leading up to the earnings calls, as well as thoughts on next week’s calls: 4Q16 Earnings Season Underway This Week The U.S. technology sector

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Russian Propaganda and The New Normal of The Media — How Will The Market Respond?

Originally Published on Medium.com On Friday 1/6/17 three major U.S. government agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) released a joint assessment finding the Russian government under Vladimir Putin during the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign cycle is conducting a multi-faceted influence campaign to shape the election’s outcome. The Russian influence campaign is found to be the most aggressive

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GVA’s Garrity on Bloomberg Radio: Strong Earnings, Sector Should Break Out

Listen to Replay Here 4Q16 Earnings Season Underway This Week: The U.S. technology sector reporting season kicked off last week with NFLX (Wed 1/18) and IBM (Thurs 1/19). Results from both were well-received and the companies’ shares reached new 52-week highs in response. However, the technology sector as a whole has been lagging the broader market

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Amazon, Facebook reasonably valued ahead of earnings: David Garrity on BNN

With tech earnings season getting underway this week, GVA Research Principal David Garrity joins BNN for a preview and tells The Business News why he sees Google, Amazon and Facebook valued “reasonably”. 4Q16 Earnings Season Underway This Week  The U.S. technology sector reporting season kicked off last week with NFLX (Wed 1/18) and IBM (Thurs

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David Garrity on BNN: Apple’s best days are still ahead

On the 10-year anniversary of the Apple iPhone, GVA Research principal David Garrity joins BNN to discuss the company through the years and why Apple’s best days still lie ahead of it.

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David Garrity on Bloomberg Radio: CES Preview – 5 Major Areas To Watch In 2017

David joined Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg Radio. You can listen to the replay here. As one of the largest technology-oriented trade shows globally, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES, held 1/5-8/17 in Las Vegas, 200k+ expected attendees, 2.5mm square feet of exhibits) sets major technology themes for investors to track over the coming

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David Garrity on BNN: Amazon Prime To Ignite Share Gains for 2016 Holiday Season, Messaging Key For Brands in 2017

2016 Holiday Shopping Trends See Broader Sales +3-4% y/y, Online +16-17% y/y: The 2016 holiday shopping season has been expected to show and is demonstrating solid growth. More broadly, retail sales are increasing +3-4% y/y due to a healthier consumer supported by key factors (i.e. stronger labor & wage market, pent-up post-election demand, more disposable income,

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david garrity on bnn

David Garrity on BNN: Apple signals interest in self-driving car market

11/22/16 Letter to NHTSA Confirms AAPL Interest in Driverless Cars: Speculation on what AAPL will do to capture a major product end-market to rival smartphones has centered on whether AAPL will enter the automotive market. It has been known for some time that AAPL has its Project Titan underway as just such an effort. The

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