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David M. Garrity, CFA

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From his technology sector and Wall Street experience, David has an in-depth understanding of the challenges firms face at different growth stages and the range of options available for their optimal near- & long-term solution.

At GVA Research, David advises The World Bank Group on integrating information and communications technologies (ICT) in its development projects, with a particular focus on mobile money in Africa. He is currently developing technology strategy for the Bank’s digital health initiatives in southern Africa.

At the 2014 UNESCO Technology for Development conference, David presented “Mobile Financial Services in Disaster Relief: Modeling Sustainability”, 1 of 15 papers selected from 125 presented at conference to be published in “Technologies for Development: What is Essential?” (Springer Verlag).

David is an Advisory Board member  at late-stage venture capital co-investment fund Pharus Capital Management,  and preference analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) software vendor True Choice Solutions. In healthcare, David serves on the finance committee for Epica Medical Innovations and the advisory board of Ellington Healthcare Partners, an early-stage venture fund focused on early-stage investment in oncology, adult stem cells and nanotechnologies.

Prior to his corporate service as Board member & CFO at Interclick (Yahoo acquired December 2011 for $270mm) and CFO & EVP Corporate Development at Aspen Group, David had an extensive career in investment research during which he was recognized in the WSJ All-Star Analyst Survey and co-founded start-up boutique American Technology Research.