• Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Over more than 25 years of paradigm shifts and business cycle volatility, GVA creates value for clients.

  • Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Drawing on public company CFO & Wall Street analyst experience, GVA serves such clients as The World Bank Group, and sits on the Advisory Boards of ClearCoin and Venture.co. David Garrity serves as Independent Director on the Board of BTCS Inc., a publicly-held U.S. company involved with Digital Assets and Blockchain technology development and application.

  • Author & Expert Commentator

    Author & Expert Commentator

    GVA regularly contributes to & is a trusted source for such business media as CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia & BNN.

Recent Posts

David Garrity and Leo Hindery on ‘Conversations with Investopedia’ – Cable Veteran Casts Doubt on AT&T/Time Warner Merger (T, TWX)

To watch the video, please click here. In a video interview for Investopedia, Hindery is doubtful that regulators would permit AT&T to funnel Time Warner’s vast content through its extensive distribution network, which includes Direct TV satellite service. While such vertical integration is the biggest motivation behind the deal, Hindery points out that regulators forced

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CNBC Fast Money: David Garrity on Apple – Growth as far as services

David Garrity, GVA Research CEO, shares his reaction to Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings, fresh off the earnings conference call.

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David Garrity on BNN: Note 7 fiasco means Samsung’s AI ambitions also in question

GVA Research CEO David Garrity tells BNN why he’s expecting Samsung to lose $5 billion in operating profit next year, why Apple is poised to benefit the most from the situation and how this could impact other segments of Samsung’s business. Please read David’s Huffington Post article for more information on this news.

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GVA Research on CNBC: Google still all about the data

The Pixel smartphone is a new endpoint to gather user information from, so Google can better target ads, says David Garrity, principal at GVA Research.

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Google’s new product launch about ‘gathering data’

Google is unveiling a new line of products at its launch event today, including the new Pixel smartphone and smart home assistant. GVA Research Principal, David Garrity, joins BNN to discuss this, the competition from Amazon and Apple, and why this is about gathering consumer data.

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David Garrity’s Investopedia Conversation with John McAfee

Last week David Garrity of GVA Research sat down with John McAfee, the creator of McAfee Anti-Virus software and an outspoken proponent of improving cybersecurity in a post-anti-virus world. To watch the full interview, please go here: John McAfee: Investopedia Profile – Video | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/video/play/john-mcafee-investopedia-profile/#ixzz4KEHuWqyN 

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David Garrity with John McAfee on Bloomberg TV: New Products Catch Hackers in Seconds

To watch the video, click here. John McAfee, McAfee Associates founder and MGT Capital chief executive officer, discusses the development of new proactive cybersecurity products and the rising threat of hack attacks with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox and Kathleen Hays on “Bloomberg Markets” along with David Garrity of GVA Research.  

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David Garrity on BNN: Facebook poised to benefit from bitter U.S. election battle

GVA Research’s David Garrity joins BNN to discuss why the divisive U.S. election could help Facebook and how it will aid the social media company in its quest for more targeted advertising. Read more in David’s Investopedia article on the subject: Who Benefits From Presidential Campaign Ads? Facebook (FB)

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David Garrity on CNBC: Is Apple innovating enough?

GVA Research’s David Garrity says Apple is falling behind in new technology areas such as driverless vehicle technologies and virtual reality.

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GVA’s Garrity on Bloomberg Radio on Election Cybersecurity: Is It Hackable?

Taking Stock with Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox David Garrity, Principal at GVA Research, on election cybersecurity and outdated voting machines: is the election hackable? Following the release by Wikileaks of confidential internal communications of the Democratic National Committee, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is weighing measures to enhance the security of the U.S.

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