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David Garrity weighs on the $AAPL launch event and Blockchain on Yahoo Finance’s “The Final Round”

David Garrity weighs on the AAPL launch event on The Final Round Click image above or watch full replay here. (See 17 min  15 sec  for discussion of iPhone X name, and at 44 minutes very interesting discussion around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology)

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Apple needs a home run with 10th anniversary iPhone launch: GVA Research

Having trouble viewing video? Click here.   How much of a setback is it for Apple to have the information about its 10th anniversary iPhone leaked Given the fact that Apple under CEO & co-founder Steve Jobs was notorious for being secretive as to product features, it is notable that under Jobs’ CEO successor Tim

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Tech stocks de-FAANGed & Investing in Bitcoin?

Having trouble viewing video? Click here. BNN: Is the dip in the FAANGs is likely going to be short-lived? GVA Research: With economic growth prospects remaining subdued and broader inflation statistics relatively quiescent, investors are likely to remain interested in stocks where exposure to growth can be obtained at a reasonable price. In this regard,

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David Garrity on BNN: Apple signals interest in self-driving car market

11/22/16 Letter to NHTSA Confirms AAPL Interest in Driverless Cars: Speculation on what AAPL will do to capture a major product end-market to rival smartphones has centered on whether AAPL will enter the automotive market. It has been known for some time that AAPL has its Project Titan underway as just such an effort. The

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CNBC Fast Money: David Garrity on Apple – Growth as far as services

David Garrity, GVA Research CEO, shares his reaction to Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings, fresh off the earnings conference call.

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David Garrity on CNBC: Is Apple innovating enough?

GVA Research’s David Garrity says Apple is falling behind in new technology areas such as driverless vehicle technologies and virtual reality.

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GVA Research on BNN: Smaller iPhone seems geared to China

Read more about David’s thoughts in his Investopedia article: Apple Will ‘Loop Us In’ on a New, Tiny iPhone Monday (AAPL)  

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Interview: GVA Research on Boston Herald Radio’s Sweeney and Malone Show

GVA Research had the pleasure of being interviewed on the Sweeney and Malone show, with Mike McDonald standing in for Steve Sweeney. It was a lively conversation about mobile technology in developing countries, the outlook for Apple, and a new and exciting startup coming out of the Boston area called Shuffle. (See GVA Research’s deck on

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Bloomberg Radio: GVA Research’s Garrity on Apple Conference, Tech Mergers

Earlier this week GVA Research joined Bloomberg radio to discuss AAPL. Thanks to Michael McKee and Kathleen Hays for having me on the show. You can listen to the replay here. Tech M&A – Not Just Acquisitions But Divestitures Too As Upturn Matures & Rates Threaten To Rise: Recent announced transactions (e.g. AVGO/BRCM $37bn, INTC/ALTR $17bn) prompt speculation

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GVA Research Coverage on CNBC: Can Apple Win The Streaming Wars?

Apple’s new music steaming service may not beat the entrenched players but it’s a crucial part of the Cupertino giant’s long-term growth story, according to experts. Apple Music has the potential to move past rivals but it needs a lift to compete with the likes of Spotify and Pandora, David Garrity, principal of GVA Research,

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