• Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Over more than 25 years of paradigm shifts and business cycle volatility, GVA creates value for clients.

  • Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Drawing on public company CFO & Wall Street analyst experience, GVA serves such clients as The World Bank Group, and sits on the Advisory Boards of Quantum1Net and Venture.co. David Garrity serves as Independent Director on the Board of BTCS Inc., a publicly-held U.S. company involved with Digital Assets and Blockchain technology development and application.

  • Author & Expert Commentator

    Author & Expert Commentator

    GVA regularly contributes to & is a trusted source for such business media as CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia & BNN.

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Garrity on Bloomberg Radio: Amazon’s Growth Boils Down to ’Alexa Listening’ #AlexaListens

Bloomberg Markets AM with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz: David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research and columnist at Investopedia, on the tech sector, outlook for Amazon and how it could exploit its predatory pricing position. Listen to the full interview here AMZN Feeds Bottomless Appetite For Consumer Data With WFMI Acquisition, Alexa is Listening: Last

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Many tech investors taking profits, but it’s worth being selective: GVA Research

Trouble viewing video? Try here. Should Investors Buy The Tech Sector Pull-back Or Is It A Sign Of Worse To Come? Focus on Names With Rising Profit Margins Off Increasing Sales: Coming out of the weekend, financial markets are seeing a continuation of the sell-off in the tech sector following Friday’s one-day -2.47% decline in the sector benchmark Technology

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David Garrity on BNN: Growing Waves of Cyberattacks On Widening Networks of Connected Devices Should Drive Shift to Secure Decentralized Networks

Trouble loading video? Try here. A chrome-plated briefcase packed with unmarked bills is the typical image used in the movies to pay a ransom. But when it comes to ransomware like the WannaCry Trojan horse released over the last week, the method of payment is decidedly high tech. David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research, looks at

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David Garrity on Asia Times: Human intelligence faces battle of the minds with AI

“AI is a differentiator,” says Wall Street technology and investment analyst David Garrity. “If you don’t have some kind of AI capability that’s not only developed, but deployed, you are going to find yourself at a disadvantage.” Read the full article: Human intelligence faces battle of the minds with AI Garrity said AI could be enormously

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David Garrity on CNBC Fast Money: Facebook sinks on earnings

David Garrity GVA Research CEO breaks down the the latest on Facebook earnings.

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David Garrity Bloomberg Radio: Twitter Earnings

Today David joined Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg Radio to discuss Twitter. You can listen to the replay here. Tech – 1Q17 Earnings Season Underway This Week The U.S. technology sector reporting season kicked off last week with NFLX (Mon 1/17) and IBM (Wed 4/19). Results from both missed Street expectations and subsequent

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David Garrity on BNN: The Smartphone Convergence?

Samsung Galaxy 8 Early Orders Surpassing Previous Versions After being forced in 4Q16 to withdraw the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone from the market due to product safety issues, Samsung has lost strategic ground to Apple with its September 2016 iPhone7 launch. Consequently, in 4Q16 Apple took market share from Samsung and simultaneously the Google Pilex

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The Value Of Your Data And How To Protect It

Russian Hackers & Regulatory Roll-back Prompt Individuals To Take Steps To Protect Personal Data For 2017, user concerns as to the safety and protection of their personal data and communication have been raised to a fever pitch as news headlines indicate that hacking is occuring increasingly on a progressively wider and larger scale. While it

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Artificial intelligence to see significant progress in 2017

BNN speaks with David Garrity, principal at GVA Research, who says innovation in artificial intelligence is poised to accelerate this year. We find out what new advancements we can expect in 2017 and what will still have to wait for another few years.  

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Intel makes foray into autonomous cars with Mobileye Acquisition

Chip-maker Intel is making a US$15.3-billion bet on driverless cars with its acquisition of Mobileye. GVA Research principal David Garrity tells BNN that Intel is getting a top-notch player in the space.

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