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Alphabet to Launch ‘Android Messages’ to Challenge iMessage, FB Messenger (GOOGL, FB)

You use it every day, probably multiple times a day. Only you know how many of the of the 200,000 iMessages sent per second are yours, but one thing is for sure, with its low latency and high response rates, messaging offers the fastest communications channel. Consider that over 63 quadrillion iMessages are sent annually

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David Garrity on BNN: Apple’s best days are still ahead

On the 10-year anniversary of the Apple iPhone, GVA Research principal David Garrity joins BNN to discuss the company through the years and why Apple’s best days still lie ahead of it.

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David Garrity on BNN: Highly unlikely Apple doesn’t get into virtual reality

David’s interview starts at 3 min 47 seconds. A spate of manufacturers including Samsung and Facebook are rolling out new virtual reality offerings, and David Garrity, Principal, GVA Research says it’s highly unlikely Apple doesn’t make a foray of its own. Read David’s Investopedia column on the subject: FB’s Oculus Rift Could Soon be 10%

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