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The Bell Podcast: Your Blockchain 2018 Action Plan with David Garrity

Adam Johnson and Tom Essaye speak with II #1 rated analyst and digital entrepreneur David Garrity on their Podcast, The Bell. To download on iTunes, use this link.  

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David Garrity on BNN: Four potential ways to invest in blockchain technology

  To watch the video replay, click here. Blockchain Start-ups – 3 Factors To Consider: With 2017’s meteoric rise in the market value of Bitcoin signaling that cryptocurrencies have captured the public’s imagination, there has been an attendant increase in the number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) as entrepreneurs rushed to raise capital to fund

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David Garrity on BNN: What blockchain can do for the digital advertising industry

To watch the video, Click Here BNN speaks with David Garrity, CEO at GVA Research. He recently became a board member of a blockchain company BTCS Inc. and is becoming more involved in the space. He talks about a particular use case for this emerging technology. Blockchain Use Case – Advertising Technology (AdTech) Start-up –

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Tech stocks de-FAANGed & Investing in Bitcoin?

Having trouble viewing video? Click here. BNN: Is the dip in the FAANGs is likely going to be short-lived? GVA Research: With economic growth prospects remaining subdued and broader inflation statistics relatively quiescent, investors are likely to remain interested in stocks where exposure to growth can be obtained at a reasonable price. In this regard,

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