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David Garrity on CNBC: Wall Street’s expectations for FAANG stocks too high

Wall Street’s expectations for FAANG stocks too high, says tech analyst from CNBC. When Growth Slows & Profit Margins Narrow, Share Prices Plummet, Especially As The Fed Tightens With this morning’s 3Q18 U.S. GDP report of +3.5% growth locking the Fed into tightening interest rates further in 1Q19, high duration securities (i.e. high P/E, no-yield

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GVA Research on CNBC Asia: CES Preview, and is 2016 the year for FANG stocks?

Tech – Secular Growth Supports Sector’s 2016 Performance Prospects, But Rising Rates Favor Total Return Names The technology sector provided an above-average 2015 return, but was not the market leader as the consumer discretionary sector was lifted by employment gains coupled with the positive consumption effects of lower oil prices. For 2016, the technology sector

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GVA Research on Bloomberg Radio: Taking Stock, the Outlook for 2016

Big thanks to Kathleen Hays for having GVA Research on Taking Stock yesterday to discuss the outlook for tech stocks in 2016. Venture Capital Sector Slowing: The excesses seen in late-stage start-up company valuation with the creation of multiple $1bn+ valuation unicorns will be limited in 2016 as fund flows to sector slow with more

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