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Apple will ensure iPhone X demand is met, China could be a big market for it: GVA Research

BNN speaks with David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research, the day the iPhone X officially goes on sale and a day after Apple’s latest quarterly release. Having trouble viewing video? Click here. We heard from one tech analyst who says the key issue for iPhone X is going to be supply, not demand. What’s your

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David Garrity weighs on the $AAPL launch event and Blockchain on Yahoo Finance’s “The Final Round”

David Garrity weighs on the AAPL launch event on The Final Round Click image above or watch full replay here. (See 17 min  15 sec  for discussion of iPhone X name, and at 44 minutes very interesting discussion around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology)

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Apple needs a home run with 10th anniversary iPhone launch: GVA Research

Having trouble viewing video? Click here.   How much of a setback is it for Apple to have the information about its 10th anniversary iPhone leaked Given the fact that Apple under CEO & co-founder Steve Jobs was notorious for being secretive as to product features, it is notable that under Jobs’ CEO successor Tim

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