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Laidlaw Five with David Garrity: A Brighter Future Podcast

A BRIGHTER FUTURE, with Laidlaw, in this episode Richard Calhoun, CEO of Wealth Management at Laidlaw, discusses the recent market volatility with David Garrity, Chief Market Strategist at Laidlaw. The topics covered are 1) With the market below 20,000 where might it stabilize, 2) How does this market compare with the 2008 melt down, 3)

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David Garrity on Bloomberg: New ’Stay-At-Home’ Paradigm Favors Big Tech in COVID-19 Sell-off

To listen to the replay, click here. 1) Current Thoughts On The Market with S&P500 Down -24% Versus Wed 2/19 High: In the spirit of the Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times,” we are certainly in the thick of it at the moment as efforts to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus to China have

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