The Value Of Your Data And How To Protect It

Russian Hackers & Regulatory Roll-back Prompt Individuals To Take Steps To Protect Personal Data

For 2017, user concerns as to the safety and protection of their personal data and communication have been raised to a fever pitch as news headlines indicate that hacking is occuring increasingly on a progressively wider and larger scale. While it was one thing to have Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee, the password thefts at Yahoo! have left the distinct impression that no one is safe and that individual steps must be taken to protect one’s own personal data and communication. Add to these troubling trends, the recent actions taken by the U.S. Congress to limit, if not eliminate, the privacy protections that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must afford individuals and we have the fever pitch previously mentioned.

Personal Data Protection Requires Encryption & Communication Erasure:

To date, there have been spikes in the number of users signing up for encrypted email programs such as ProtonMail and encrypted messaging programs such as Signal. Note that while Apple’s iMessage program is thought to be secure, there is nothing better than having one’s messages be erased after sending. To that end, programs such as Confide offer solutions that have found increased adoption in government circles and elsewhere. Over time, with the more pronounced consumer desire for privacy and protection, expect to see these features embedded in all technology providers offerings. Not matter the climate, cybersecurity whether for the enterprise or the individual will always be in fashion.