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Many tech investors taking profits, but it’s worth being selective: GVA Research

Trouble viewing video? Try here. Should Investors Buy The Tech Sector Pull-back Or Is It A Sign Of Worse To Come? Focus on Names With Rising Profit Margins Off Increasing Sales: Coming out of the weekend, financial markets are seeing a continuation of the sell-off in the tech sector following Friday’s one-day -2.47% decline in the sector benchmark Technology

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Is the U.S. voting system prepared for a cyber attack?

If you have any trouble viewing video above, click here. Tech – Remediation Estimates of $1bn Likely To Prove Conservative, “Critical Infrastructure” Designation Would Offer Near-term Sector Windfall: For investors looking for a broad-based approach towards participating in the potential sector windfall, consider the cybersecurity ETFs CIBR (close Fri 8/5 $17.90, -10.8% off its 52-week

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