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    Advising, Managing & Investing in Growth

    Over more than 25 years of paradigm shifts and business cycle volatility, GVA creates value for clients.

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    Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis & Corporate Management

    Drawing on public company CFO & Wall Street analyst experience, GVA serves such clients as The World Bank Group, and sits on the Advisory Boards of Quantum1Net and Venture.co. David Garrity serves as Independent Director on the Board of BTCS Inc., a publicly-held U.S. company involved with Digital Assets and Blockchain technology development and application.

  • Author & Expert Commentator

    Author & Expert Commentator

    GVA regularly contributes to & is a trusted source for such business media as CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Investopedia & BNN.

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Bloomberg Markets AM: David Garrity on Facebook Ads

To listen to the broadcast, click here. (Interview starts at 1 min 30 seconds). GUEST: David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research, on  Facebook Inc. turning over to Congress 3,000 ads purchased by groups linked to Russia that were designed to disrupt the 2016 U.S. election.

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David Garrity presents “The Economics of Intelligence” at The World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship #TheWSIE

GVA Research’s David Garrity Presents: The Economics of Intelligence from GVA Research on Vimeo. The Economics of Intelligence from David M. Garrity, CFA “It’s a technology company, not an intelligence agency or an international diplomatic corps…” Yet… The reality is that if you’re at the helm of a machine that has two billion screaming, whiny

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Russia-linked ads mean greater costs, more regulation for Facebook: David Garrity on BNN

Having trouble viewing video? Click here. Facebook Has Come Full Circle On Enabling Russian Disinformation Campaign During 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Full-scale Regulation Looms: September 2017 has been a month of accelerating disclosures around Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential election. The month started with Facebook in closed door Congressional testimony on Wed 9/6/17 admitting to

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David Garrity weighs on the $AAPL launch event and Blockchain on Yahoo Finance’s “The Final Round”

David Garrity weighs on the AAPL launch event on The Final Round Click image above or watch full replay here. (See 17 min  15 sec  for discussion of iPhone X name, and at 44 minutes very interesting discussion around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology)

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Apple needs a home run with 10th anniversary iPhone launch: GVA Research

Having trouble viewing video? Click here.   How much of a setback is it for Apple to have the information about its 10th anniversary iPhone leaked Given the fact that Apple under CEO & co-founder Steve Jobs was notorious for being secretive as to product features, it is notable that under Jobs’ CEO successor Tim

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GVA Research on Bloomberg Radio: FirstNet Will Enable First Responders To Communicate

To listen to the interview, click here. Disaster Response To Improve With First Responder Interoperability As FirstNet Operational March 2018: The present experience with the 2017 hurricane season (i.e. last month, Harvey; this month, Irma – can’t we just name the storms after climate change deniers like Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt, please) has underscored

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AI update: How Consumers Could Win When Alexa and Cortana Start Talking to Each Other

“You can call me old school but I’m very much a fan of the original Star Trek version where you would just say, ‘Computer,’” says David M. Garrity, CEO of research and consulting firm GVA Research, based in New York. “You talk to the computer and the computer responds.” Read full article here. According to G2

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Tech stocks de-FAANGed & Investing in Bitcoin?

Having trouble viewing video? Click here. BNN: Is the dip in the FAANGs is likely going to be short-lived? GVA Research: With economic growth prospects remaining subdued and broader inflation statistics relatively quiescent, investors are likely to remain interested in stocks where exposure to growth can be obtained at a reasonable price. In this regard,

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Baidu needs to develop global brand for driverless cars, but US may curb China’s help in developing

Baidu needs to develop global brand for driverless cars “It’s the whole car that matters, and Baidu will have to commercialize it and build a global brand,” said David Garrity, a technology and investment analyst who heads New York-based GVA Research. Whatever vehicle Baidu and its partners develop, according to Garrity, needs be an integrated product

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GVA’s Garrity: Tech Investors Should Look At Apple Over Amazon

Bloomberg Markets AM with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz. GUEST: David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research and columnist at Investopedia, on Amazon disappointing, this week’s tech earnings highlights, and outlook for the sector. Listen to the replay here. AMZN 2Q17 Results Reflect Profit Margin Pressure From Heavy Investment Spending, Will Margins Expand in 2H17?: While AMZN

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